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What is Reiki>

People have claimed this system of healing has its true origins in Tibet or even ancient Egypt or Atlantis. Whether any of this is true or not is irrelevant. Reiki works.

Practitioners of Reiki go through initiation processes called attunements. During these attunements the Reiki symbols are placed in their aura (the non-visible energy body which surrounds the physical body)

These symbols in turn enable the practitioner to effectively tune into and channel safely the Universal Life Force Energy. This energy goes by different names in various traditions. Some call it Chi, some call it Prana, the Tao, or Spirit. The word Reiki itself means "radiant light"

The attunement to the various symbols is usually spread out across three levels or degrees of attainment. The first level deals with physical healing, the second with distant and emotional healing, while the third includes spiritual healing and the ability to convey attunements to others. Some Reiki traditons include a seperate level just to teach the passing of attunements.

What can you expect to experience during a Reiki session? The experience usually will vary quite a bit between individuals, but most people feel a sense of relaxation and inner peace. The practioner's hands may be perceived as being hot, cold, or lukewarm. Reiki accelerates the natural healing process and is good for pain relief

Reiki is drawn by the receipiant. It is not being sent by the practitioner. No one gets too much energy or not enough. The Higher Self (or subconscious if you prefer) controls the amount of energy being received. For this reason, Reiki is considered by many to be the safest method of hands-on healing


Just for today...

Do not worry.

Do not anger.

Do your work honestly.

Live the attitude of gratitude.

Show love and respect for all living th

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