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    Christine Pace is Bob's EIMAR teacher and close friend. She is a natural, strong visionary as well as an exquisitely gifted artist.

    Tranzart is not just a form of art, but a spiritual expression. Christine can see the spiritual support group that surrounds you. This can include your Holy Guardian Angel, guides, angels, and elementals.

    Christine expresses your spiritual reality in beautiful pastels. A custom piece of artwork is not just a drawing or painting, but a higher-self reading as well.

     The term Tranzart expresses Christine's work perfectly. It is the union of the altered state of trance combined with artistic creation. The result is the alluring, hypnotic beauty you see on this page. To experience a reading with Christine is to walk away with a deeper understanding of your spiritual reality as well as an artwork you'll treasure for years to come.


     To discuss the commissioning of a custom, unique creation of Tranzart, or to order prints of existing artwork, please email Christine at
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