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Spiritual Hypnosis



Bob is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist with over 220 hours of intensive training.
He has been specially trained in techniques which can give you greater spiritual growth and understanding.

To reach Bob call 954-993-7580

or email him at:


There are many benefits to exploring past lives. Here are just a few of them.

1. Increased self-understanding.

2. Explore your connection to ancient cultures.

3. Understand your present day relationships as they relate to past life experiences.

4. Understand and heal the past-life roots of present day illnesses or conditions

5. Come to an understanding of your life's true purpose.

6.Remove blocks to freedom, success, and happiness.


Bob was trained in Spirit Contact Therapy by Dick Sutphen. This tradedmarked therapy arose out of Dick's thirty years of regression experience.
This technique gives you an opportunity to explore several issues in an entirely safe setting.
There are many benefits to this experience:

1. You can contact your primary spirit guide and learn their name.

2. You can contact deceased loved ones.

3. You form a spiritual power group of Masters and Teachers.

4. With these Guides,ancestors, Masters and Teachers you can safely explore your past, present, and even the future.

5. You can receive real, practical answers to issues that may have bothered you for years.

6. You can bring out hidden talents and healing abilities you didn't know you had.

7. You can gain understanding of your life's purpose and your place in the universe.

8. You can remove whatever is blocking freedom, success and happiness.


Soul retrieval has it roots in shamanic traditions. The central idea of soul retrieval is that part of the soul can splinter off during trauma. It remains connected to you by a silver cord.
This part often contain creative and psychic abilities. As long as the part remains seperated you don't have access to abilities contained in that part.

In the altered state you can locate the splintered part. With Bob's assistance, you can bring the part back into you and begin to heal.

There are many benefits to soul retrieval. Here are a few of them.

1. A greater sense of wholeness and peace.

2. Recovery of lost talents and abilities.

3. Healing of past-life and/or present life trauma.

4. An understanding of how past lives can affect  our present and even future lives.

5. A greatly increased rapport with guides and masters.

6. A deeper sense of life purpose and who you truly are.

To ask questions and schedule an appointment, call Bob at 954-993-7580 or e-mail him at

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