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Hermetic Healing


Hermetic Healing is rooted in the ancient mystery traditions. It works very quickly to make changes in our physical, mental, spiritual condition. It works so fast because it works on the aura and chakras, the invisible energy body where illness and disease first manifest.
  An old tenet of esoteric knowledge states that things manifest on the astral level before they become physical reality. Working on the more subtle realm is often more effective than working just on the physical.
Hermetic Healing draws on the universal life force energy. This energy has been called chi, prana, the Tao, God energy,Spirit,etc.
Reiki healing calls upon this energy as well.
 Where Hermetic Healing is different is in it's symbol system as well as the colors it employs. Reiki uses several different symbols while Hermetic Healing uses only one. Reiki symbols are usually visualized as violet. Hermetic Healing uses the green energy of Mother Earth as well as a whole range of different colors attributed to the various chakras.
 Hermetic Healing students receive an attunement similar to that of Reiki . Receiving an attunement means that the symbols of the healing modality are placed in your aura so you can always easily draw upon their energy.
 What always amazes my beginning students is how much energy they feel without having had an attunement. Working with this energy automatically opens up new channels for them.
 When you experience this type of healing you can expect to feel a sense of lightness afterward, increased energy, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Even though we are not licensed health care practitioners and
our healing is no substitute for medical intervention, we can help relieve stress and physical suffering.
 If you want to try this system of healing, I am
currently offering a class at the
Griffin's Loft on Monday nights,8pm-9pm, cost is only 5.00. Call 954-993-7580 or email me at to ask questions and confirm the class.

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