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About the Middle Pillar

I first learned of the Middle Pillar meditation about 25 years ago. Well, it wasn't exactly the Middle Pillar, but it was pretty close. I was attending a metaphysical church and they were encouraging us to visualize a bright ball of white light  above our crown chakras. This was to protect us spiritually before engaging in psychic activity.

The idea came to me of bringing this white light through each chakra in turn, to fully open up the invisible energy centers and protect them as well before doing the Tarot card readings that I was just beginning to learn to perform.

Several years later I was reading Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig and I came across the Middle  Pillar  meditation in his book. I recognized immediately the similarity of the practice he was describing with what I was doing.

This ritual/meditation has balanced my emotions, enabled me to feel and direct subtle energy in very useful ways. It is a self initiation into  the  Qabalah and ceremonial magick. It can be used to charge objects with energy to attract things to us (talismans) and to heal ourselves and others.

I could go on and on about this, but I won't. To read more about this wonderful practice, click here  for a PDF download of Israel Regardies book, The Art of True Healing.

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